The Mudflapps - "A Drinking Band with a Music Problem"
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"how young we were," the newest album by The Mudflapps has been finished! You can enjoy the full record below.

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how young we were

Stream the newest record by The Mudflapps for free.


Next Show

Every Monday Night

The Celtic Knot
626 Church St. Evanston, IL

8pm - Midnight

Every Tuesday Night

The Glenwood
6962 N Glenwood Ave Chicago, IL

9pm - 'Til we're done drinkin'!


watch, listen, and laugh

We look pretty darn good, and are havin' a whole lotta fun.

The Mudflapps perform this Barb Hale original from their first record, "Pocket Full of Whiskey" at The Glenwood in Roger's Park, Chicago IL.
The Mudflapps perform this Justin Gillam original, the title cut from their third record at The Glenwood, in Chicago IL.
The Mudflapps perform this Sarah Blick original at The Glenwood in Chicago, IL.
This cover is song by Barb Hale, and it's fun.

Sav More lounge on Lincoln Ave. Chicago USA on a rainy Saturday night. Barb Hale’s “Tried to be an Outlaw.”

The Mudflapps - a drinking band with a music problem, perfoms the wonderful song by Barb Hale, "Object of Your Desire" live at the Acorn Theater, Three Oaks, MI. (Video by Aras Buntinas)


photo shot

We prefer whiskey shots. 


Record Breaking

This photo came from a break in recording action, at the pop-up studio SuperHero Audio put together for The Mudflapps at a lake house in rural Wisconsin.