Meet the mudflapps

A drinking band with a music problem.

A long, long time ago, in a bar, far far away....

Justin had been poking at Barb to sing songs for sometime.  She finally did it, at first just to shut him up, then it turns out, Barb loves to sing and entertain.  "I like FUN!" She often says.  In the 12+ years, ~1000 shows, Barb and Justin have always been there, Mudflapping away through life.  There's been a family's worth of folks in and out over the years, and the main thing is: "Once a Mudflapp, Always a Mudflapp."


Barbara Hale
Lead Vocals / Strummy Guitar

Justin Gillim
Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar

Fran Kondorff
Bass / Vocals

Robert Kuta
Banjo / Vocals

Randy Mollner
Fiddle / Mandolin / Vocals


Barrett Tasky

Mandolin / Guitar / Bass / Vocals

Sarah Blick

Fiddle / Vocals

James Weigel

Dobro / Guitar / Vocals